But Where’s the Comfort and Joy?

What if Christmas isn't so merry? What if the holidays aren't so happy? How do you hold tight to your joyful spirit in times of heartbreak?


Feels Like Home

The beauty of Thanksgiving is learning that you can be thankful for the struggles as well as the blessings.

A Tangled Love Story

The World Has Somehow Shifted There's a particularly unnerving sensation you feel when the lights are out. I'm not talking about before the lamp gets turned on. I'm talking about the middle of the night when you look at the ceiling and the only reason you know that's what you're looking at is because your... Continue Reading →

The Listening Shell

Preschool days are longer than other people's days. It's just a fact. And don't argue with me because I know how to throw the perfect temper tantrum because I was taught by four year olds. It's the always changing, never hesitating mind and heart of a child that makes them longer. You always have to... Continue Reading →

Life, Love, and Paradise Lost

May 3rd With everything in me I try to avoid this day. I try to avoid the sun coming up then avoid living every single moment until it has set again. I avoid talking to anyone and I avoid thinking about anything. Instead I choose to stay focused, and busy. I fill my day with... Continue Reading →

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